Xycarb Ceramics (The Netherlands)


For more than 30 years, Xycarb Ceramics has been a leading company providing a complete range of advanced technical consumable parts and
complementary products and services for the Semiconductor,- LED,- and Solar processing industry. Xycarb Ceramics is specialized in
consulting & engineering, part supply and repair. Xycarb Ceramics offers a complete range of products in quartz, ceramics and graphite.

Our solutions are preferred and utilized by a worldwide range of top customers, in order to drive development and increase efficiency in production
of advanced devices for the electronic, opto electronic and solar industry applications. These applications are derived from compound and silicon semiconductors,
which are being used in diverse industries from lighting and display technology, to wireless, cell phone and automotive applications.

Xycarb Ceramics is a division of the Schunk Group representing a 1 Billion dollar turnover via companies in 27 countries employing 7,500 employees.
Xycarb Ceramics international headquarters is located in Helmond, the Netherlands. Via our branches in Europe, Asia and USA and cooperation with our
strategic partners, Xycarb has been serving its global customers successfully for over three decades