The first specific objective is to design and implement a complete solution for an inline topography measurement and analysis for monitoring before, during and after the laser micro machining. An important portion of this objective will be an automatic point cloud analysis for a smart feature detection and characterization, which will lead to a qualified feedback to the manufacturing system. Additionally an adaptive process as well as the machine architecture and an adaptive control based on the inline measurement system will be part of the overall objective. Furthermore the calibration of the measurement system as well as of the complete solution (machine architecture + inline measurement system) regarding aspects as traceability and certification will be a central part of the main objective.

Therefore, the main objective of this project is to develop a sensor based adaptive micro machining system using ultra short pulsed lasers for zero failure manufacturing

Finalizing the project scope and objectives the developed solution will be extended and optimized for 3 applications:

  • Adaptive micro milling
  • Defect detection and removal on wafer carriers
  • Recognition and texturing of complex tool features