CARSA (Spain)


Since 1987 CARSA has been working as a service provider for businesses and public sector organisations. We are Spain’s oldest existing innovation management consultancy firm, so our experience in this field is unrivalled.

CARSA operates in three main areas: innovation, technology and internationalisation. These three areas are the mainstays for a number of specific services targeted at private firms and public administrations. In private business CARSA provides services to industrial and service-sector SMEs and large-scale companies alike that need support in matters concerned with the overall management of their innovation-related activities. By means of integrated, professional R&D&i management, CARSA helps companies to improve their positioning internally and externally through the application of new technologies, innovative projects and internationalisation actions.

In the public sector CARSA focuses on regional, national and international level public administrations that need external expert support in R&D&i, to set up or monitor innovation policies or to manage their programmes so that they run properly. Using methods and tools developed in-house, along with innovative elements created ad hoc for each customer, CARSA gradually becomes a close collaborator capable of successfully meeting the challenges posed by each project.